Gardens’ 2020 Vision

The Gardens’ team is focusing their mission to preserve for this and future generations The Spirit of Aloha Botanical Gardens in the Oceanfront Valley of the keali’I stream on Maui’s north shore. They are restoring the historic Taro Lo’i , and promoting Hawaiian plant-based horticulture and nutrition. They are dedicated to being a model of how a small group can work together to accomplish beautiful and brilliant results. Their vision includes doing their part in averting climate change and the health care crises. Working with kindred organizations, The Gardens are assisting in Maui’s shift toward Plant-Based Nutrition by 2020. We offer Hawaiian Schools and students are participating in this effort and in stewarding the Lo’i.

The Gardens goal is to be food and energy independent, as well as being financially sustainable by providing services that fulfill its mission. The Gardens entire 11-acre valley is maintained organically, with no pesticides herbicides or poisons used.

The Gardens host programs that promote Hawaiian Plant Based Horticulture and Nutrition. These programs also share tools for living in The Spirit of Aloha by aligning with Natures Organizing Principles. Delicious meals include homegrown organic ingredient for taro burgers, breadfruit French fries, vegetable and fruit salads, and homegrown coconut/banana/pineapple ice cream. Some of The Gardens programs are digitally recorded for sharing on Public Television Networks, and on their educational website: www.TheGardens.org

The Gardens are stewarded by a volunteer team of Nature Guardians. Nature Guardians choose to dedicate their lives to preserving Nature and the biodiversity of its ecosystems. They see God as Nature and their service to Nature as worship. This gives them deep experience that inspires their hard work.

Nature Guardians choose to live simply and close to Nature. They choose Plant-based Nutrition. Nature Guardians choose a life of nonviolence and service. Their goal is to leave Planet Earth in better condition than when they found it.

They regularly practice nature-based art such as Meditation, Yoga, Tai Chi, Chi Gong, and Hula. These are integrated into their service through mindful living. Nature Guardians generally embrace a lifestyle that is joyously free of Dairy, eggs, fish, poultry, meat, tobacco, alcohol, and harmful drugs.

Nature Guardians align with nature organizing principles of Ha’aha’a- Humility, Ahonui – Tolerance, Ihi – Respect, Laulima – Cooperation, Kuleana – Responsibility, Ma’alahi – Simplicity, Pono – Honesty, Hauoli – Happiness, Aloha – Love, Maluhia – Peace, Noa – Freedom, and Lokahi – Unity. These are the core values of The Spirit of Aloha. Nature Guardians often choose to form teams with kindred souls with similar missions. The synergy of their combined efforts to accomplish mutual goals yields them a deep fulfillment.

Nature Guardians are dedicated to preserving balance in Nature. As such they are concerned with the consequences of overpopulation and climate change. Often, Nature Guardians choose to dedicate themselves to a nature mission rather than have their own children. Some embrace a path of celibacy. Others choose to express their physical affections with safety and protection.

Nature Guardians derive inspiration from the accomplishments of orders from varied traditions such as:

  • The Hindu Missions of The Holy Sannyas Order the world’s most ancient order of Monks. These Sannyasis dedicate their lives to the service of humanity, such as the missions of Swami Vivekananda, Swami Sivananda, and Swami Satchidananda.
  • The Jewish Missions of the Essenes.
  • The Christian missions of Saint Francis, Saint Damian, Saint Teresa, Thomas Mertin as well as the Shaker Communities.
  • The Islamic Missions of the Sufis.
  • The Buddhist Missions of The Dalai Lama and the Tibetan Monasteries.

The missions of many who lived dedicated lives outside of any order such as women’s rights leader, Susan B. Anthony and nonviolent wisdom leaders such as Mahatma Gandhi, Rev. Martin Luther King, Nelson Mandela and many more whose service for human, animal & ecological rights are an inspiration of the Nature Guardians.

Bio: Fredrick Swaroop Honig

Thank you for any input or support you would offer on this Hawaii 2020 Vision. We invite you to email us at Info@thegardens.org And to visit us online at www.TheGardens.Org

Mahalo Nui Loa!!

Fredrick Swaroop Honig

An Aloha Anthem

Our Country tis of Thee,
Sweet Land of Liberty,
Of Thee, We Sing;
Land where Our Fathers died,
Lands of Our Pilgrims Pride,
From Ev’ry Mountainside
Let Freedom Ring!

We Pledge Our Harmony,
With One Ecology,
Living in Peace,
Synergy Prosperity,
Filled with Diversity,
Aloha for One and All!

Our Fathers’ God to Thee,
Author of liberty,
To Thee we sing.
Long may Our Land be Bright,
With Freedom’s Holy Light,
Protect Us by Thy Might,
Great God our King.

Ah Ah Lo Ha.
Ya Ah Ho Va,
Ya Ah Ho Va,
Ah Ah Ah La,
Ah Ah Ah La,
Ah Ah Lo Ha,
Ah Ah Lo Ha.

Hawai’i 2020 Vision

Spirit of Aloha

Oceanfront Botanical Gardens

Our 501(C)3 Service Organization’s Mission:
The Gardens are a Hawaiian Historic Site, Botanical Garden, Bird Sanctuary, and a Living Classroom for Hawaiian Horticulture.


June 12, 2013 Draft Copy
Respectfully Offered By Fredrick Swaroop Honig

We, who are blessed to live in these Sacred Hawaiian Islands are dedicated to helping preserve Nature, The Aina, and our host Hawai’ian Culture and its essence, The Spirit of Aloha.

We are a living evolving culture. As with most traditional cultures, Ancient Hawaiian nutrition was over 90 percent plant-based and they were very fit and healthy. We embrace this aspect of our heritage and are expanding upon it to become a thriving plant-based society. By doing so, we are enhancing our health and the health of the Aina. We are also extending our Spirit of Aloha to the birds, fish, and animals — through our food choices.

We are a Culture committed to Living in The Spirit of Aloha which means an alignment with nature and its 12 Organizing Principles: Ha’aha’a- Humility, Ahonui – Gratitude, Ihi – Respect, Laulima – Cooperation, Ma’alahi – Simplicity, Pono – Honesty, Hauoli – Happiness, Aloha – Love, Kuleana -Responsibility, Noa – Freedom, Maluhia – Peace and Lokahi – Unity. As a Culture, we celebrate one of these Principles each month, starting with January, which is dedicated to understanding the wisdom of: Ha’aha’a- Humility. This quality is discussed in the media and in schools and religious groups for the month. And so forth for each month throughout the year. Thus we renew and deepen our connection to The Spirit of Aloha.

As an Island Chain, we are a Well Being Capitol. Hawai’i is like the Pineal Gland of the Earth body. What we do here is copied all over the world. We will soon be the first modern culture in the world to attain sustainable carbon-neutral energy independence. Virtually, all of our energy will be generated by Geothermal Electric Plants on the Big Island. Most of our liquid fuels will be made through biotechnology on the Big Island. We will export much more food and clean energy than we import. Most of our vehicles and machines will be electric.

On Earth, there is one source of energy that is renewable, reliable, sustainable, and virtually inexhaustible and that source is the heat in the core of the earth. This is, in fact, the most valuable fuel on planet earth. The Big Island is one of the world’s most stable access points to the earth’s inner core. We have the Access for the easiest, safest and most stable tapping of thermal energy. With thermal energy, water is heated into steam. The steam drives turbine electric generators with one plant for each island. An undersea cable conducts the current to each island. If one plant has mechanical difficulty, all the plants can hook into a common grid for mutual support when needed. The cost of our electricity is less than 10 cents/ kilowatt, which is 25% of what we are now paying with 83% Oil fueled generating plants. These Geothermal Electric plants could be a stable renewable source of energy for hundreds of thousands of years, with minimal harm to nature. Because of Geothermal Energy, it is very affordable and ecological to desalinate water. In this way, the dry sides of the island become beautiful fruit orchards and Bird Sanctuaries.

The people of the Hawaiian Islands recognize their duty to the Birds who were the inhabitants of these islands for millions of years before man first arrived. These birds and the many plant species that are indigenous to Hawai’i are honored by providing them with habitats and vast nature refuges within the State. Vast areas have become nature sanctuaries that are well-maintained and available and open to well-managed ecotourism.

Hawaiian Culture and language are thriving and many other languages are adopting its terms, such as Aloha, Mahalo, Aina, Pono, Kahuna as well as the Hawaiian names for the 12 Principles of Nature. In many ways the Spirit of Aloha is spreading around the world and Hawaii is its Beacon. The Aloha Law that is Hawaii’s gift to the world is ratified in The United Nations and in most countries of the world and has become the inspiration for a Global Renaissance of living in The Spirit of Aloha.

Every year more land is purchased to become Nature sanctuaries that are maintained as orchards and bird sanctuaries. The Native Birds and Plants are thriving and Hawaii is fulfilling its mission of sharing with the world, a civilization that lives in harmony with the Aina.

Summary of Benefits

  1. Create high-quality jobs in:
    1. Building and maintaining The Geo-Thermal Electric Plants, and transmission lines.
    2. Eco Tourism.
    3. University Professors, Research Staff, Maintenance Staff, and Students.
    4. Peace Corps/ Emergency Relief Corps.
    5. Farming.
    6. Irrigation systems.
    7. Desalinization Plants.
    8. BioFuels.
    9. And Many Many more high-quality jobs in the service sectors.
  2. Keep Hawai’i Hawai’i.
  3. Create a Carbon Neutral Environment.
  4. Protect our endangered wildlife.
  5. Make the State Food Independent.
  6. Enhance sustainable prosperity in the State.
  7. Perpetuate The Spirit of Aloha.

Albert Einstein Initiative

On December 10, 2018, in Honor of the 70th Anniversary of The Universal Declaration of Human Rights, Ratified by the United Nations on December 10, 1048,

The Spirit of Aloha Temple Launches:

The Albert Einstein and Lisa Meitner Initiative
For the Responsible use of Nuclear Energy.

Albert Einstein and Lise Meitner were the father and mother of nuclear energy. This fund is designed to fulfill their vision for their gift of nuclear energy to humanity to be used solely for peaceful purposes.

In 1905 Albert Einstein revealed his famous equation showing that energy is equivalent to mass times the square of the speed of light. This was a theoretical discovery that had no immediate practical application.

In 1938, Lise Meitner took Einstein’s theoretical understanding and applied it to physics by designing an experiment that split the uranium atom thereby unleashing for humanity the gift of nuclear energy. Meitner applied to nature the wisdom that Einstein had revealed. It was Lise Meitner who named this process Nuclear Fission. She opened the door to The Nuclear Age.

This discovery happened at the beginning of World War II when the fascist regime in Germany would not allow Jews to be professors in Germany. Both Einstein and Meitner were forced to escape from Germany. Because of their religion, they were denied their Nobel prizes for their discoveries. Instead, the Nobel Prizes for the discovery of nuclear fission were given only to Meitner’s German laboratory partners, Otto Hahn and Fritz Strassman, who had carried out the experiments on neutron-bombarded uranium that had been designed by Meitner.

We hereby request that The Nobel Prize Committee award these Nobel Prizes posthumously to Albert Einstein and Lisa Meitner for their parts in the discovery of nuclear fission. We also request that the prize funds for these awards be donated to The Albert Einstein and Lisa Meitner Initiative for the Responsible use of Nuclear Energy, to be used to help see that their intentions for nuclear energy to be used solely for non-violent purposes are fulfilled.

On behalf of this initiative, we also support a universal treaty for keeping Space free of violence; so that weapons may not be put into Space nor satellites targeted. We aspire for a world that is cooperative, non-violent and free of weapons of mass destruction.

Respectfully submitted by Fredrick Swaroop Honig,
Trustee of the Spirit of Aloha Temple, and grand-nephew of Lise Meitner.



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