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The Gardens are dedicated to living in harmony with nature.

  • 1. Preserve this sacred Historical site and bird sanctuary.
    The site is registered as a Historic Hawaiian Site by the Hawaii Department of Land and Natural Resources and a Natural Wildlife Federation Certified Wildlife Sanctuary. We want to preserve this land so it may be used for many generations for cultivating community and food, and not for the hotel and retail development of Maui’s North shore.
  • 2. Educate on organic Hawaiian horticulture and cuisine.
    We are creating momentum to launch “The Gardens” as a vegan capital of the world, promoting the ancient Breadfruit (ulu) and Taro as staples in one’s diet.  Through teaching, cultivating and cooking these and other Hawaiian crops we promote the native ways, reap the benefits of health, weight loss and enjoy delicious cuisine!
  • 3. Proliferate the science of Nada Yoga.
    Nada Yoga offers us the tools to dive deep into spirit and reconnect with our vibratory Heart center. Through this practice we find internal peace in the ever-changing world.
  • 4. Create an educational center and multimedia outlet, called “The Gardens.”
    Educating on diet, yoga and land stewardship lend to a full how-to-guide for living.  By having an on-site teaching facility, we will able to share these resources with the world.  But, we need your help…
    Our Goal: Expand the “Spirit of Aloha Temple” to create a 15×30′ commercial kitchen and educational facility. From here, we will offer live classes and produce recorded events for people all over the world to learn about Hawaiian based vegan cooking, Nada yoga, and how to be guardians of nature’s infinite gifts.
  • Whether a one-time donation of $10 to help with the cost of birdseed or a larger donation to get our new educational facility in place, we thank you for your love and support!

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