Martin Luther King Tribute

Letter from Swaroop Honig describing the significance of The Martin Luther King Tribute

Greetings from The Gardens.

During my years at Yogaville, I served on the Buckingham County Ministers Association as a representative of Yogaville.

During this time, I was invited to speak at many of the churches.

I proposed to these ministers that we organize a church service to help bring together the black and white churches of the county.  They agreed and together we invited a black choir to sing on a Martin Luther King day at the largest white church in the county. We invited all county church members to attend.

The church was packed by both white and black members of the community.

The yards surrounding the church were filled with people who looked in though the windows and open doors.

At this gathering, I read the enclosed tribute to Martin Luther King’s sacred memory.  This occasion helped to open a new era of cooperation between all the churches of the county.

We invoke Dr. King’s wisdom and blessings to help The Aloha Temple fulfill its mission.

Respectfully & Aloha,
Fredrick Swaroop Honig

The Reverend Martin Luther King,
A King of Life

In this world there are but few,
Whose glory shines through all they do.

You are a Light on this earth.
Justice, caring, and sharing is Your worth.

Never could Your wonders be told,
For Brotherhood is Your creed for all to behold.

Eternal bliss and life to thee sweet Child!
Who understands the secret of Life’s trial.

To Dream and live for the unity of Man
Is the true message for which You do Stand.

Blessings to thee, Oh King of Life
Who conquers life’s problems and strife.

To protect our rights is your deed
In non Violent ways, do you lead.

On this Birthday, we do Pray,
That we will follow in your Righteous Way!

That Your noble qualities will live forever,
In our Hearts, will be our great treasure.

Offered on behalf of the Yogaville Family
by Swami Swaroopananda



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