Our Mission

The Mana – to sustain and magnify The Mana. The Spirit of Aloha.

Why Aloha?

To provide a Sacred Space, a place that is a product of the consciousness of those beings who have served in sanctifying the vibrations of the environment by their selfless actions – actions and outcomes of that persons deeds creates energy that the Hawaiians call Mana.

Many spiritual teachers over the years have visited The Spirit of Aloha Temple and offered their programs, guidance, and blessings.

The love of the couples who have been married here bless The Gardens and The Gardens as well blesses these couples with the energy they can feel and appreciate. Thus the Mana of the land is enhanced and renewed.

When nature is honored, when traditional Hawaiian horticulture is preserved, when meditation is practiced, when spiritual books are read and discussed, when Yoga is practiced and taught, when non-violent nutrition is embraced, when spiritual practices are incorporated into daily life, when compassion and forgiveness reign, Mana is sustained and augmented. Thus over the years The Gardens have not only grown in building and infrastructure but also in holiness and in vibration.

When guests come to The Gardens they can feel this spiritual energy. Many people say that is the most sacred place they have every felt. Some feel tears welling up in their eyes, each person experiences it to their own capacity.

There are in the world sacred spaces that bless those who enter and The Gardens is a fully charged battery of Mana energy that is worthy of preservation. It is because of this Aloha Energy that The Gardens have bloomed over the years. When we serve nature by restoring its biodiversity and by eliminating harmful invasive species, the Aloha Mana Ojas enegy increases.

Thus over the past 25 years that we have served with this sanctuary, the sacred energy has increase and is now a beacon of blessing to the island of Maui and to the world.

The Garden are an intact ecosystem that is thriving. We have one of the highest number of birds per acre of any property on Maui. We grow our food organically. We live simply and close to nature. The Gardens are a Temple of

Nature and one of the few oceanfront properties on the north shore of Maui that is dedicated to the wellbeing of the island and the world as opposed to being dedicated to the well being of just one family.

A bit more about us

We are a 501(c) 3 Non Profit Service Organization Dedicated to working on the Leading Edge of these 5 Critical areas. We strive to be an Integral Part of a Renaissance in Human History.

  1. The Gardens are dedicated to Sustainable Horticulture and Plant Based Nutrition. Science has shown this to be a healthy diet that can prevent some cancers and even reverse coronary heart disease.
  2. The Gardens are dedicated to Preserving Nature and Wildlife. We are Certified by the National Wildlife Federation as a Wildlife Sanctuary and we have made significant advances in the elimination of Invasive Plants Species, Mongooses, & Mosquitoes. We are preparing to help Native Bird Species such as the Nene restoration on Maui.
  3. The Gardens are dedicated to sharing The Science of Health through classes and forums on Yoga, Meditation & Stress Management. The strength of a country is dependent on the strength of its citizens. We offer Ancient Wisdom in a Modern Format to help Individuals thrive and optimally serve their communities.
  4. The Gardens are dedicated to understanding and living The Spirit of Aloha And Nature’s 12 Universal Principles that are the foundation of all World Religions:Peace, Respect, Love, Tolerance,
    Honesty, Humility, Cooperation, Happiness,
    Responsibility, Simplicity, Freedom and UnityThis Universal Wisdom is eloquently expressed in The Spirit of Aloha and is the great need of our Age. Terrorism cannot be overcome by more violence or wars; it can only be overcome through Justice, Culture & Education. These Human Rights were adopted by the United Nations in 1948 and ratified to be taught in the Culture & Schools of all Countries that belong to the United Nations. Our organization holds Services, Classes, & Forums to do our part in teaching these Universal Human Rights and Principles.
  5. The Gardens are dedicated to supporting couples in the long-term success of their marriage. We offer couples support in Strategic Family Planning, Compassionate Communications and Intimacy Skills, as well as Conflict Resolution Techniques. We offer an environment for Holistic Weddings that focuses on the success of the couple’s marriage & relationship, as well as a supportive wedding celebration.
  6. The Spirit of Aloha temple supports Nature Guardianships

The Blessed Land

Although God’s presence is everywhere in the universe, it concentrates its energy in powerful vortexes and sacred places where God’s glory can be experienced by everyone who is open to receiving it. Sacred temples are often built at these holy sites. The Spirit of Aloha Temple are such a site. They are one of Nature’s purest and highest vibrations and are a porthole into experiencing heaven on earth.

The Gardens is a unique location that is optimally conducive to studying and experiencing the wisdom of ancient Hawaiian culture in both its horticultural and spiritual realms. The Gardens are a historic Hawaiian site, certified and registered by the Hawaii State Historical Preservation Division. They are blessed with ancient Lo’i- taro fields with some of Maui’s best-preserved taro walls. These walls contain the Mana or spiritual energy of the Spirit of Aloha, which is the foundation of the Hawaiian Culture. Their sanctity is palpable.

The ancient Hawaiians divided the island into pie shaped sections called Ahupua’a, that go from the ocean to the top of Haleakala. The spiritual power of these Ahupua’a were considered to be focused at their maximum strength where they reached the ocean, which is in the sacred valley that is The Gardens. The Gardens is located in the Ahupua’a known as “Keali’i Nui”. The Hawaiian Royalty where called the “Ali’I” as well as the “Kahuna” or priests. “Nui” mean the top-most or the greatest. So the translation of “Keali’i-Nui” is: The highest royalty and sanctity. Even to this day, the stream that flows through The Gardens is known as the Keali’i stream.

The Bay upon which The Gardens borders was named by the ancient Hawaiians as “Uaoa” Bay. “Uaoa” means in Hawaiian The misty rain that creates rainbows and was considered to be a sign of the presence of God. This bay to this day is regularly blessed with rainbows.

The island in the Bay was named by the ancient Hawaiians as “Papa-Nui- O- Kane”, which means: The great throne of God. It is appropriate at this historic site that is steeped in the Spirit of Aloha to have a temple dedicated to that spirit and a nature sanctuary that will be maintained in perpetuity.

The mission of The Spirit of Aloha Temple and the Fredrick Honig Trust, is to preserve in perpetuity this sacred land as a botanical garden, bird sanctuary, and temple dedicated to sharing The Spirit of Aloha with the people of Maui and the world. We are grateful to the many gernerous people who have over the past 25 years supported us in the restoration of these sacred gardens and look forward to the continuing fulfillment of our mission.

We are honored to have this opportunity to serve humanity by preserving this horticultural and spiritual treasure for our and future generations.



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