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Meenakshi Angel serves as the premier Mind, Body, Spirit Yoga Instructor and Stress Management Consultant for over 17 years at The Grand Wailea Resort on Maui‚ Hawaii which‚ at that time‚ was voted the #1 Best Spa in the World! She currently teaches on Maui‚ as well as on her national & international Teaching Tours.

Angel is a dedicated and important member of The Spirit of Aloha Temple’s team. To learn more and contact Angel go to:

An Overview of the Spiritual Path Including the 8 Limbs of Yoga with Fredrick Swaroop Honig

Swami Sivananda on the Universal Truths of the Upanishads

Interview with Dr. Paul Prasant Hansma at The Gardens

Swami Satchidananda Speaking @ Aston, Wailea

Meditation is Bliss

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The Spirit of Aloha Temple: Oceanfront Gardens and Bird Sanctuary is dedicated to living in harmony with Nature, through alignment with its 12 Organizing Principles. The Gardens are a living classroom for sustainable organic horticulture and delicious plant based nutrition. To tour or come to The Gardens is to experience a deeper appreciation and understanding of Nature.

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