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Plant-Based Nutrition
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Nature Guardianship

The Scientific Proof of God
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About the Gardens

We are a worldwide Spiritual Sangha O’hana of kindred souls who synergize our missions to accomplish as a team.

We are a branch of an ancient tradition that is oriented toward inner growth and outer service.

We are a 21st century branch for one of the world’s oldest spiritual traditions, the Holy Order of Sannyas.

We see all spiritual traditions of the world as a collective wisdom that is summarized by 12 universal values eloquently expressed as The Spirit of Aloha:

  • Mahalo – Gratitude
  • Laulima – Simplicity
  • Hauoli – Happiness
  • Noa – Freedom
  • Ha’aha’a – Humility
  • Ma’alhi – Cooperation
  • Aloha – Love
  • Maluhia – Peace
  • Ihi – Respect
  • Pono – Honesty
  • Kuleana – Service
  • Lockahi – Unity

We are a 501(c)(3) Spiritual Service Organization.
Every event here at The Gardens includes an educational tour.



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